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May 14th, 2013

Top 6: Songs Wes Borland likes to play with various bands

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Wes Borland is a man of many faces. He’s also a man of many bands. Everyone knows him for playing guitar in Limp Bizkit but he’s been in half a dozen others. Half a dozen, eh? Sounds like perfect fodder for a Top 6, so we asked him to pick his favourite song from each of them. The problem is that he’s played in more than six bands so this list doesn’t even include Big Dumb Face.

Wes Borland’s favourite songs to play with his Top 6 bands

1) Limp Bizkit‘My Generation’
“The energy’s so high and it’s such an easy song to play that I don’t have to concentrate so hard. Not that I have to concentrate on the more difficult ones, because I’ve been playing these songs for so many years – they’re basically like breathing. That song just goes nuts.”

2) Black Light Burns‘Mesopotamia’
“It’s pretty fun to play it live because I get to do a lot of 1950s dancing to it, which always throws people at goth/industrial shows off. We were opening for Combichrist and their crowd is very industrial and you see a lot of people wearing platform shoes who look like vampires and I think opening for them freaked out the freaks because we were so cavalier in a lot of our stage behaviour and not what they were used to seeing.”

3) From First To Last‘Shame Shame’, ‘World War Me’ or ‘Mothersound’
“Everything of theirs was fun to play.”

4) Marilyn Manson‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’
“Hands down. I never got to play ‘Beautiful People’ on guitar. Twiggy would always come over and wanna change and I would have to play bass.”

5) Combichrist‘When Everything Falls Apart’
“That song they basically destroy the entire stage and you basically don’t even have to play any more. You’re just tackling things and trying not to get hit in the head with a floor tom.”

6) X Japan
“I played two songs with them and the whole J Rock thing was the weirdest, craziest experience: three nights sold out at the Tokyo Dome; 50,000 people a night. We were there for two weeks – Richard Fortus from Guns N’ Roses and I – and they only told us a couple of days before the shows what songs we’d be playing. We were just sitting around for a week and a half wondering what we were doing. Then, Richard was saying to me onstage, ‘I don’t hear my guitar like I hear everything else.’ He asked me to go check if he was even coming out of the speakers and I went out and… I don’t think we were even turned on! We might’ve been – we had amps onstage and we could hear ourselves onstage with monitors – but we were very paranoid and felt like we were just there as dancers to be part of the show.”


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