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May 14th, 2013

Welcome to Thrash Hits v2.0

thrash hits logo big half 2013

After almost five years, we’ve finally re-designed We think it looks a bit better than before. Hopefully it’ll make your time on the site, reading about our and your favourite bands, a whole load better. Here’s a run-down of all the new things that you can find on Thrash Hits…

Featured article boxes – We’ve decided we should tell you which two articles we think you need to digest. Think of it as curated content rather than us not trusting you to make the correct choice but…

Sidebar of Shame – Here’s your opportunity to decide for yourself what else you want to read from a list of content related via category. If you’re reading an album review, you’ll have the six most recent album reviews down there, etc. Simple, eh? And yeah, we’re sticking to our sixes.

Reviews hub – It’s all sorted by category. Albums, gigs, DVDs, EPs, they’re all there in a lovely mosaic of bands’ faces and artwork.

Features hub – It’s all sorted by category so if you want to read all of Jared Leto’s Wrongs, they’re right there. You can read some of the interviews we do with bands we really like as well.

What Thrash Hits used to look like vs What Thrash Hits looks like now

thrash hits old vs new 2008 2013

Improved search – When you search on the site using the search box up there, it not only pulls up articles but it also brings up a lovely avatar for bands, which in turn will take you to…

Band pages – These all have biographies taken from and all the articles we’ve ever written about those band. That’s pretty cool. You’ll also find that band’s forthcoming tour dates with a ticket link as well, so you can read about a band and then go see them. You’ll also be able to…

Buy a t-shirt – Yeah, the Thrash Shirts shop is finally unleashed. There are some snazzy Thrash Hits designs in there as well, by the way. Just in case you decide that logo up there is actually dead cool and you fancy wearing it all over your chest. You should.

Google Currents – If you’re mourning the loss of RSS, Google Currents could be your new best friend. We also built a brand new mobile site, just in case you prefer reading via your browser.

Most covered bands – You can now see where our band bias really lies. If we’ve just written about The Dillinger Escape Plan all month, you’ll be able to see that. What is this for? Dunno, but it’s there on the frontpage.

Social engagement – We really want to be friends with you on Facebook. And on Twitter. And on YouTube. And on Tumblr. And on Foursquare. And on Soundcloud. And on Google+. And on And on This Is My Jam. It only takes a click or nine.

New logo – Well, we say new but it’s the proper Thrash Hits logo that we’ve had since the start everywhere but on the bloomning website. What? We’ve been too busy writing stuff to deal with pesky design elements.

Take a look around. And when you find something that doesn’t work, feel free to drop us a line. Drop us a line anyway. Why not?


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