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June 13th, 2013

Album: Armed for Apocalypse – The Road Will End

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Armed for Apocalypse
This Road Will End
Candlelight Records
22 July 2013

by Daniel Cairns

Black Sabbath have released a new album, did you notice? Four old dudes who should have buggered off years ago are clinging on to past glories, because metal heads feel they’re owed some kind of fealty for starting the whole horrid mess in the first place. Plus if there was no Ozzy Osbourne there’d be no Zakk Wylde, so double screw Black Sabbath for that.

It’s a shame, because the fact they won’t piss off now detracts from younger, better and more deserving bands, like Armed for Apocalypse. Armed for Apocalypse are really bringing nasty, grinding sludgy metal forward, not waxing over all nostalgic about the guy that did a reality show with his awful family.

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Armed For Apocalypse were always pretty good (their first album Defeat had three really good songs, and some ok ones), but to paraphrase gumbies everywhere, they’ve smashed it on This Road Will End, and I’m proud of my boys. If there’s any justice in the world this’ll be the one to see them really break out and make a go of things.

Basically (and forgive me as I wade through the quagmire of music “journalism” cliché and do the shitboring comparison thing) it sounds like all the slow heavy sludge bands I love having a hammerfight in a skip and making a beautiful cacophony. There’s Will Haven in here, Eyehategod, Abominable Iron Sloth (actually Armed for Apocalypse are filling a Sloth-shaped hole in my heart, now that due to extenuating firearm and hallucinogen fuelled circumstances, I’m not going to be getting a new Iron Sloth album any time soon) and even a bit of Deftones. Actually one song ‘The Well’ has a big old bastard heavy catchy riff that’s better than anything Deftones have done in a decade. It’s that good. Of course they never rip off these bands, they just take the influences and make something extra nasty and catchy out ofit. Good work, chaps.

Watch an interview with the guys from Armed for Apocalypse:

Defeat suffered because some of the songs were so much better than others, but This Road Will End is killer all the way, and works so much better as an album. It’s fast, it’s slow, it’s melodic but it’s never ever not absolutely bloody furious. There’s something utterly orgasmic about guitars churning away in a ludicrously low drop G tuning. You’ll be humming some of this stuff for days to come, it’s that good.

Come the year’s end, I fully expect this album to be up there with the KEN Mode and Portal albums in my completely arbitrary year-end list. It’s been ages since I heard a no bullshit, jugular smashing sludge metal album, so three cheers for Armed for Apocalypse. Who knows, maybe in a few years Zakk Wylde will name a child after them. Because he’s a fucking dolt.


Sounds Like: Eyehategod with pop hooks and hideously detuned guitars
Standout Tracks: The Starting Line Is A Trip Wire, The Well, Built to Kill



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