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June 28th, 2013

Album: Megadeth – Super Collider

Megadeth MegaDave Dave Mustaine 05 June 2013 Manchester Academy by Gary Wolstenholme Thrash Hits

Super Collider
04 June 2013

by Tom Gibbons

Everyone knows what makes(made?) Megadeth awesome, and after a career spanning 30 years you’d think Dave Mustaine would know how to put down a great album based around these strengths. However, MegaDave’s 14th album, Super Collider – released on his own label after parting with Roadrunner Records – is at best a painfully boring hard rock record, and at worst an altogether embarrassing experience.

Megadeth Super Collider album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Openers ‘Kingmaker’ and the pointless 70s stadium rock ditty ‘Super Collider’ are stupid but bearable renditions of what a watered-down Megadeth would sound like, but then the album nose-dives out of control with ‘Burn!’ and the laughable ‘Built for War’. The subsequent half-hour of utter nonsense brings MegaDave’s songwriting, vocal capabilities, and out-and-out credibility as a musician into serious question.

It’s a very genuine possiblity that fans will feel insulted by Super Collider. To save you time and cash, let’s quickly rattle through just a few of this record’s specific flaws:

  • Lyrically, Super Collider will reduce you to tears of cringe.
  • Shawn Drover is officially the most boring drummer in metal.
  • Megadeth are/were generally known for exceptional guitar work – Super Collider is more basic than a beginner’s play-along learning CD, and the lead guitar sound is scratchy and slightly annoying.
  • MegaDave can’t really sing anymore, instead drawls and dribbling, leaving David Draiman’s part on ‘Dance In The Rain’ as the only vocal contribution of note.

Combine all of the above factors with some muddled dynamics and dull arrangement, and then quickly subtract all emotion, energy and integrity from the equation. Ladies and Gentlemen: Super Collider.

Apply some context and sure, Super Collider would go down well at a Sons of Anarchy clubhouse gang party. The cover of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Cold Sweat’ is good value, and a few tracks could possibly cut it as wrestling ring intros, but other than at the most meat-headed of gatherings, there really ought to be no place for this record in the world today.


Sounds Like: Megadeth devolving
Standout Tracks: Kingmaker, Cold Sweat, Beginning of Sorrow



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