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June 3rd, 2013

Album: Shining – One One One

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One One One
Indie Recordings
03 June 2013

by David Keevill

For a band with big enough brass tacks to coin their own genre, Shining’s latest release One One One sidles past your ear drums so carefully that it doesn’t even whisper the idea of perforation. Their latest record seems set to do penance for every progressive, haunting and barmy flourish on 2010’s Blackjazz by disappointingly roving a safe path that barely touches upon their vital eccentricities.

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One One One’s 35-minute runtime is packed with brutish, unapologetic music; thick industrial slurps beef up the searing, punkish guitars, whilst Jørgen Munkeby’s vocals remain coarse and slathered with spittle. Yet whilst the dissonant, disorientating squirts of saxophone used tobe the band’s raison d’etre, the jazz element of Shining’s sound are now about as central as the *woodwind flourishes on the last Napalm Death record.

Instead, One One One owes much more to the thrash of fellow Scandinavians The Haunted and the heavier end of Hevy Devy’s discography; in place of jarring standout tracks, beyond the fairly memorable opener ‘I Won’t Forget’, the album merges into one continuous mulch. Despite a move in the direction of the extreme, there’s just not enough carrion to overlay the linear drive of these works; the caterwauling electronics that open ‘My Dying Drive’ and the asylum-bound squawks of ‘Blackjazz Rebels’ can’t distract from the fact that there just isn’t much that’s riveting here.

Listen to a preview of One One One by Shining:

Shining have lost the element of innovation by tethering One One One to a sound that tows a much more familiar metallic line. The verse-chorus-verse structures and the push towards a less volatile feel have forced One One One into the realm of near inconspicuousness. It’s a disappointing effort from these former experimentalists.


Sounds Like: The Haunted, Devin Townsend
Standout Tracks: I Won’t Forget



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