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June 24th, 2013

Bad Press: Black Veil Brides @ Warped Tour 2013

black veil brides warped tour 2013 speakers thrash hits

Black Veil Brides have been caught via Instagram playing “live” at Warped Tour 2013 in Ventura, California without any functioning amps. UH OH.

The caption that accompanies the photo on O’s instagram is:

“Dude! Where are all the speakers” The Black Veil Brides show us how it’s done on the warp tour in Ventura, by the way, the best venue on the whole tour. No speakers, no tube amps, only computers. Ventura, Calif.

This is not going to sit well with a lot of people despite it actually just being one of the modern ways of musical output. While we’re not condoning or justifying Black Veil Brides’ apparent lies, the analogue days are over and showmanship is – as it always been – still in. Computers are the new tube amps. I 100 per cent guarantee that you’re reading this on the internet, for instance.

If you’re still not buying the legitimacy of all this, here’s a question: How many of these do you think are real?

Jeff Hanneman Marshall Stack stage amps

That’s Jeff Hanneman’s rig.



  • Oops

    *was his rig.

    Worst band on the planet though.

    • Raz

      So quick to move on and I think Slayer are ok actually.

  • Chris

    Who cares? It has been like this for ages, it’s nothing new. It’s just like a side drop or a backdrop. It’s there to look good.

    Not that i feel the that i have to defend Black Veil, don’t care about their music or anything. But tbh they probably have 2 axe-fx on the side of the stage.

  • chamelious

    Utterly ridiculous article. How did this get past any editorial team?

    Anyone who knows anything about modern live music knows how common a practise this is.

    The guitars will be plugged into an offstage iso cab, Axe-FX, or any number of other devices, why on earth would they waste effort/time/money with real cabs on stage when they’ll be monitoring with in ears anyway?

    “That’s Jeff Hanneman’s rig.” – You’re an idiot.

    • RJMrgn

      Good work failing to realise the article’s making the exact same point as you are.

      • Chris

        It somewhat hints on that it should be backtrack tbh.

    • Tom

      Utterly ridiculous comment. How did it get past your brain?

      Anyone who knows anything about commenting on articles knows that is it best to read the piece first and how common a practice this is.

      Your brain is usually plugged into your fingers, mouth or other devices so why on earth would you waste effort/time/money commenting for real when you’re just going to look like a fuck knuckle anyway?

    • we have an editorial team!?

  • si steele

    this is industry standard. it just makes the stage look nicer, especially if the band isn’t one that uses impressive back drops. and fancy stage building. they’re still a shit band though

  • Boris

    Mini fake marsall amps to be placed on the exposed breasts of teenagers at Download festival

  • Malformed

    Most pathetic article bitching for bitching sake, Thousand of bands do this.

    P.s this band are still awful.

  • Shen

    No speaker doesn’t mean full computer, and this is quite logical. Why don’t you make an article about how faked are some building or house in Theater… Dumbass!
    It’s really common to do not use the full power of an amp! we don’t need it : We just need a microphone in front of 1 or 2 Speakers to take all the sound we need and to rout it into your ears and musicians ears. This picture is funny, but this is just a part of the show, like a fake light or a fake table in a theater! nothing else…

    • Droppedrecords

      fake light or table… hahahaha

      not trolling or anything but you could totally have thought of things you’d actually fake on stage hahahaha

      My day,


  • Robert

    This is the stupidest, most ignorant article I’ve ever seen.
    It has been like this for so long, ever since PA systems have been used to mix a bands entire sound, the bands still use huge tube amplifiers, but with just enough volume so that they can hear themselves on stage. When you have Hi-Wattage tube amps cranked up loud you get better tone. Zeppelin in their later days and all the classic metal bands used to put a heap of amp speakers behind them because it gives off a look and a persona while only two of them are being used and most of the sound is mic’d up going through the PA system. EVERYONE DOES IT. You shouldn’t be working for a website that reports on bands if you don’t know this. Holy shit.

    • Tom

      Hi Robert,

      How are you? Good, I’m glad.

      So here’s thing thing Rob (do you mind if I call you Rob?) the mistake you seem to have made here is looking at the big picture at the top of this article and not really take notice of any of the words. I know, I know, words are complicated and difficult, sometimes traumatic to understand but as a tip, if you run your finger along under each one and sound out each letter at a time it will get easier.

      Anyway, I’ll save you all that tricky effort for now and let you know that actually, this article kinda agrees with what you have said. See that big picture of Jeff Hanneman’s stack up there? Think of that as the visual representation of your last two sentences. I hope you feel a little better now, it must be hard work getting so angry at everyone all the time. Is everything OK at home, man? Do you want a hug?

      I’m sorry it all had to come to this, Rob. You seem like a nice guy and I think there were warnings further up in the comments, but I guess, like you, I just hate stupidity and ignorance. I love READING though, you should really check out READING.


  • Will

    Using fake amps, whilst always unforgivable, is not this bands biggest crime though let’s be fair. Their sound, look and name is lame beyond fuck, I’m glad they use fake amps, it’s compliments the rest of the weakening package they present.

  • Chris Biersack

    They are not amps. Their amps are actually behind them. Those are just empty speaker cabinets used for staging purposes. See photo. They have BVB’s logo painted on them like scrims. Total non-news that haters can’t wait to make into some. Must be a slow day. 😉

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