Thrash Hits

June 19th, 2013

Hair Metal 010: Danny of Upon A Burning Body

Upon A Burning Body 2012 band promo photo thrash hits

There are so many regular features about what sick tattoos bands have got and what awesome trainers they’re wearing, but what about their haircare regime? How do they get their hair looking so cool? HOW? You were thinking it, so we asked it.

What do you use in your hair, Danny of Upon A Burning Body?

“I use a product called Johnny B and I usually get haircuts every two weeks but since we’ve been over here it’s hard to do. I can’t just walk into a barber shop and say, ‘Fade me up,’ and expect it to be good like how my barber does so I figured it’s best just to wait. It gets pretty hard – up to an 8/10 in firmness.”

It’s always nice to see a hardcore guy getting a sick fade and being proud of it. I bet it takes ages to get Johnny B out of Danny’s hair, though.


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