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June 4th, 2013

Interview: Jason Butler of letlive. talks about The Blackest Beautiful

letlive. 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

letlive. popped up at the tail end of 2010 with their third album, Fake History. It blew the socks off a lot of people. We interviewed Jason a couple of years ago via email and he sent us back some of the most hilariously ridiculous answers we’d ever seen. This time, there was no hiding behind a keyboard for him. Last night, the internet was awash with the slightly unwieldy hashtag #theblackestbeautiful. There were enigmatic photos posted from the likes of Every Time I Die and Pierce The Veil as well as friends, family and influential industry folk. letlive. have begun the marketing campaign for their new album in earnest and there is almost no doubt that The Blackest Beautiful is going to be the album everyone’s going to be talking about for the next couple of months so we sat the wily frontman down to talk about the new album.

What does the title, The Blackest Beatiful, mean?
“I was hoping to to use words that were striking, and words that would stick. There’s a saying that “Black is beautiful,” sort of like an opposition to everything that society is saying otherwise, and that was the idea and phonetically where it came from. In short, The Blackest Beautiful is simply an homage to everything that makes us human and those things, they are error, they are indiscretion and fault and imperfections and that’s what makes us human and I find that to be beautiful. I think that’s the most beautiful thing about humanity – the fact that we fail but we are very capable of continuing on and making light of our mistakes.”

This is the highest profile letlive. have ever had. Was there any extra pressure while recording?
“We’re pretty inconsequential. In terms of media expectations, we were just focussed on writing a record that we thought that the people deserved. The only kind of pressure that we had was in the end, when we realised that people wanted the record and we realised people were relying on us and some very eager folks out there that wanted to get a record by letlive., but it was very organic and we took our time. At first, we were within the confines of a deadline and then after that, we felt we could do more so our gracious label gave us the time and the resources to do that so we kept recording to do what we had to do and in the end we came out with a record that made it obvious that we were trying hard.”

What is your favourite song on The Blackest Beautiful?
“There are a lot that I enjoy for different reasons but right now, ‘Banshee’ [here’s a YouTube] because it’s the song we’re the most focussed on because it’s going to be released and we’ve just done a video for it so that song has a visual companion so that’s my favourite song right now. That song is simply about the difference between entertainment as an industry and entertainment as an artform and how the industry is simply going to take everything from you and make sure it gets every last bit of whatever powers you may have had as a monetary commodity and that, to me, is counter-intuitive as far as art is concerned and sonically we were able to explore and jump around with that song and enjoy ourselves musically so I guess with all things considered it’s a song that we understand our place in all this but we would certainly like more. We would like more from music. I do think we are in the position as individuals and as a band to give more because we’ve grown. We’re much more mature and learned than we were when we last wrote an album.”

The Blackest Beautiful by letlive. will be released on 08 July 2013 via Epitaph Records.



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