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June 11th, 2013

Interview: P.O.D. guitarist, Marcos Curiel talks Download Festival 2013 and “soccer”

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We caught up with P.O.D (Payable On Death) guitarist, Marcos Curiel ahead of the San Diegan nu metal quartet’s appearance at Download Festival 2013. It might even be their first appearance, but Marcos doesn’t even know that. Who said all festivals look the same? Anyway, we mainly talk to him about football. Because we can.

How many times have P.O.D played Download Festival?
“I don’t remember ever playing Download so I believe this may be our first time, but I will stand corrected if someone corrects me. I haven’t been overseas in nine years, dude.”

What are you looking forward to?
“Hopefully we can stay a little more consistent with our trips over there and play a lot more shows overseas. We’re looking forward to it because we haven’t been there in so long and I’m just a huge fan of British culture and the music and the sports so it’s going to be exciting.”

Sports! You’re a football fan aren’t you? How big?
“I’m probably a 7/10, and that’s pretty fanatical for most people in the States but if I go over to Europe I’ll probably be out-fanned big time. The funny thing is, I’m always bugging on management and our licensing people every year, ‘You’ve gotta get us on FIFA.’ I want one of our songs on that video game because I play that game so much.”

Which team do you support?
“Over here in the States, I follow [LA] Galaxy. On the international front I follow my two home teams. I say two because San Diego is on the border of Mexico and the US so I actually support both. Last year, I was actually able to go to the CONCACAF cup over here which was the US against Mexico and the US had the lead at the half, 2-0 and then they lost to Mexico 4-2.”

Who is your favourite English football club?
“It might be blasphemous to say this but the two teams that I really like from the English Premier League are Chelsea and I’m also a fan of Manchester City. I don’t really know about the money side of things but I’ve been a fan of those teams for quite some time. It’s good to see Man City doing a lot better these days.”

How about the rest of Europe?
“As far as La Liga, I’m a Real Madrid fan. Out of the big players, I’m a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan. A lot of people hate on him but I think the guy’s awesome but how could you not appreciate what Messi does? I’m a fan of the skill; of the actual game, and a lot of times I’ll start following a team if a player that I like trades to them.”

You get to watch all of that for free. We have to fork out loads of money.
“From my recollection of being over in the UK, I noticed when I was staying in the hotel, the channels were pretty limited and people were saying that it’s like that because you have to pay a certain amount for certain channels. I know that over here we have to pay for certain channels too, depending on the cable that we have, but over there you even have to pay for MTV.”

Do you watch many matches live?
“I wish I did but I travel so much. I’ve made a pact with myself that when I’m travelling and there’s a nice professional, big match playing, and I have time, I’m gonna go. Regardless of cost. I want to experience the battle.”

Talking of battle, what have you got planned for the Download set?
“We’re going to leave the fancy stuff to Iron Maiden. I think they’ll have all the stage stuff covered. Eddie’s gotta come out and do his thing. We’re pretty stripped down. While a lot of bands are running tracks and Pro Tools, we’re honest. We’re plugging in and you’re just getting four dudes and our raw emotion for what we’re singing about and playing.”

What’s your favourite Iron Maiden song?
“Powerslave. The guitar solo at 2.58… I wore that shit out. Dave Murray’s solo is one of the most influential solos to me as a kid growing up.”



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