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June 10th, 2013

Live: Blood Command, Flood of Red + Verses @ London Camden Barfly – 07 June 2013

Blood Command norway bergen 2013 thrash hits

We’ve been fans of Blood Command for a couple of years now. They’re part of the Norwegian mafia that’s brought us the likes of Kvelertak, Wolves Like Us and Man The Machetes in recent times but these guys appear to be stepping up their onslaught of the UK over recent months. Interesting…

6 things we learnt when we saw Blood Command in Camden:

1) Verses (3.5/6) are a talented bunch and it appears that they’ve really settled on a sound and style now – anthemic but far-from-uncomplicated, hardcore-influenced rock. A band who are first on at the Barfly really shouldn’t be expected to get anyone to sing along (and they didn’t really) but the fact that Jason Danzelman thought it reasonable to try is indicative of the confidence coursing through this talented Brighton quartet.

2) In the many years that Flood of Red (2/6) have been plodding away, their sound has evolved somewhat. The runners up of the Funeral For A Friend-esque early 2000s emo scene have evolved into a sprawling, atmospheric post rock outfit. While not necessarily bad, songs do seem to drag on longer than is entirely necessary. They’re co-headlining tonight and if the Scots are to prove they’re still relevant, it’s imperative that their forthcoming album on Superball (the same label as …Trail Of Dead) steps up a notch from this.

3) While metal and hardcore get heavier and more more gruesome with every passing minute, the need to be able so sing well live is becoming more and more important. Both Silje Tombre of Blood Command (5.5/6) and the aforementioned Jason Danzelman have great voices. While the Verses man doesn’t really waver from his effective soar and occasional roar, the Norwegian veers from a sharp yelp to a sweet singing voice all the way to the kind of roar that would make you start walking a bit faster on the street. It’s a difficult talent and she doesn’t miss a note.

4) Every great band has an even greater drummer and Blood Command are no exception. At times, it sounds like we’re actually experiencing a 45-minute drum solo with some other hardcore stuff going on as well, such is the quality and intensity of Sigurd Håkås’s work.

5) Despite being firmly rooted in punk rock, there’s a lighter, poppier side to Blood Command that demands attention. Songs like ‘Pissed Off And Slightly Offended’ and ‘Cult Of The New Beat’ will make you dance. Maybe it’s that drumming or maybe it’s Yngve Andersen’s subtle guitar licks, but you really ought to submerge yourself in this band’s music if you’ve ever been compelled to dance to a hardcore band. You will not regret it.

6) Kvelertak are the undisputed kings of the Norwegian new heavy sounds but having just headlined a reasonably busy Camden Barfly, it would be a tad premature to suggest that Blood Command are about to overtake them. However, there is a very good feeling about this band right now so keep an eye out.



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