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June 6th, 2013

Photos: Megadeth @ Manchester Academy – 05 June 2013

Megadeth MegaDave Dave Mustaine 05 June 2013 Manchester Academy by Gary Wolstenholme Thrash Hits

MEGADAVE. We’ll never get tired of calling Dave Mustaine that. No matter how many stupid things he says off stage, no matter how many awful new Megadeth albums called Super Collider that he puts out, and no matter how many onstage temper tantrums he throws because he’s unhappy with the stage lighting, no matter how many homophobic slurs he wants to throw at people who’ve paid money to go watch him play live – despite all of that, he’ll still always be MegaDave.

Anyway, here’s Gary Wolstenholme’s photos from Megadeth‘s 05 June 2013 show at the Manchester Academy. Fill your boots, internet.


Megadeth @ Manchester Academy - 05 June 2013 (c/o Gary Wolstenholme)

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Megadeth’s latest album, Super Collider, is out now on Tradecraft, which is MegaDave’s own imprint label at Universal. No, we don’t know what possessed whoever made the decision to give MegaDave his own label to play with either.

Watch Dave Mustaine acting out at Megadet’s gig in Manchester:


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