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July 18th, 2013

Album: Jucifer – за волгой для нас земли нет

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за волгой для нас земли нет
Nomadic Fortress
17 July 2013

by Daniel Cairns

Most bands get more boring and calm down the further they get into their career. If I had a pound every time I heard “more mature” being used by a musician to describe their forthcoming album, I’d have enough for…well I’d have a shedload of pounds, wouldn’t I?

Then you get Jucifer. When I first heard Jucifer it was around 2005, and they were writing catchy as heck sludge pop with rad choruses and huge guitars. 2008’s L’Autrichienne was kind of the same, perforated by the odd grind bit. It was an album filled with lovely melodies tinged with regret and sadness, befitting the fate of Marie Antoinette, who the album was about.

It’s absolutely bloody unrecognisable from the Jucifer of 2013.

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I’ve no idea what happened to Jucifer, maybe years of hard living on the road have calloused their souls, but they’ve dispensed with the pop hooks and made a proper gruelling bastard of a record. Also it’s called за волгой для нас земли нет, so they’re clearly not concerned with mass market appeal, and god bless them for that.

Jucifer’s last album, Throned In Blood, was equally intense, but wasn’t anywhere near as intriguing as this. за волгой для нас земли нет (thank Christ for cut and paste) is about Stalingrad. The title itself means “There is No Land Beyond the Volga.” Chances are partying won’t be a theme on the album. Every song deals with Stalingrad from the perspective of its people. I love stuff like this. Put it this way: it’s really hard not to like a song that starts off with “YOU ARE THE SHAME OF THE PANZER WAFFE.”

It helps that the music is terrific. I didn’t get into Throned in Blood at all, but за волгой для нас земли нет is miles better. It’s so bastard heavy and nihilistic sounding. There’s no light and shade here; it’s just constant, raw, agonising detuned sludge with the odd fast bit. Amber Valentine barely sings anymore either, instead emitting razor blade gargling wails and screams that sound a million miles away from her mournful crooning about Marie Antoinette.

L’Autrichienne was about how bittersweet life could be. за волгой для нас земли нет is about how brutal, remorseless and harsh it is. It can be one kick in the balls after the other, and it’s swell that Jucifer are completely up to the task of translating that fact.

In conclusion…

Этот альбом очень хорош, и Вы имеете лицо как задний проход картофельного фермера.


Sounds Like: Being nabbed by the spetznaz during a Southern Lord listening party
Standout Tracks: Shame, Wolf, Queen of Antlers



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