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July 25th, 2013

Album: The Defiled – Daggers

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The Defiled
Nuclear Blast
02 August 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

It must be somewhat a double edged sword to be labelled as a band with “potential”. On the one hand it’s great that people think your band could be something special, yet at the same point this potential has to be realised or it won’t be long before people’s interest dwindles. Case in point: The Defiled.

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The band clearly believe in what they’re doing and earlier this year decamped to Florida to work with producer Jason Suecof on new album Daggers. It turned out to be a trip well worth making, as the album sounds huge and you’d be forgiven for now associating their sound with the likes of US enormodome metal titans rather than UK toilet scene crawlers. Yet all the lofty production in the world is redundant if the songs at the album’s core aren’t much cop.

Luckily this is far from the case. Not wildly digressing from their pre-established sound, Daggers just sees the band ramp everything up to that of a thunderous, stomping beast. The melodic bits are more melodic might be a cliché every band throw around when talking up their latest release, but here it’s a description that’s more than apt. The album is loaded with choruses bigger than Wesley Warren Jr’s balls‘As I Drown’ and ‘Infected’ contain the type of ear-worms that would make Matt Tuck wish he got up a little earlier in the morning to catch when writing that last Bullet For My Valentine album.

While at times the band’s influences are clearly on display (such as the Marilyn Manson-esque ‘Porcelain’), for the most part Daggers is very much the sound of a band who have spent time forming their own identity unlike some of the metal plagiarism doing the rounds at the moment *cough* Davey Suicide *cough*. The Defiled’s use of electronics manages to recall 90s industrial music while still being subtle and contemporary, without (thankfully) any gimmicky sub drops or dubstep wobs present. The jittery interplay between blips and riffs on ‘Unspoken’ is superb, while with ballad ‘Five Minutes’ The Defiled have nailed what Linkin Park have been trying (and failing) to do on their past few albums, by writing a memorable and electronic-infused slow burner.

Watch the video to ” by The Defiled:

With Daggers the band have outclassed and leap-frogged a number of their peers. It’s got enough bite to satisfy the “datz not metal” fuckwits, but still has enough melody to appeal to more casual members of the rock fraternity. The Defiled have realised that aforementioned potential and become the band they’ve always threatened to be: world-beating metal superstars.


Sounds Like:  The UK finally producing a band that can rival the likes of international tent-pole acts, and (before he went shit) Marilyn Manson
Stanout Tracks: Unspoken, As I Drown, Infected



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