Thrash Hits

July 31st, 2013

Bass Dogs: a blog about bassists

There’s a new saying in the Online Content Creation world that if you’ve got a post that’s got plenty of information but is just a bit… dull, “put a cat on it”. Dogs work too. In this case, there’s an entire blog dedicated to replacing bass guitars with dogs. This is Bass Dogs.

Steve Harris playing bass on a pitbull

That’s a photo of Steve Harris from Iron Maiden playing bass guitar with a pitbull. Why? You may well have asked that already and here is the reasoning.

“People who play bass with their fingers look like they’re tickling hairy dogs.”

We can’t argue with that. Here’s Robert Trujillo of Metallica playing bass using a massive sausage dog. Photoshop is just great.

Robert Trujillo playing bass guitar on a sausage dog

Visit Bass Dogs for more Photoshop masterpieces including Geddy Lee and Cliff Burton. Pure class.



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