Thrash Hits

July 24th, 2013

Come see Spider Kitten in Camden on Saturday night. C’MON.

Spider Kitten gig 27 July 2013 Thrash Hits.jpg

Not got any plans for Saturday night? Worried you’ll find yourself stranded in London with nothing to do on 27 July? Well, you could always go and see Welsh psyche-doom merchants, Spider Kitten, play a show at The Black Heart in Camden. Actually, you should probably cancel whatever you do have planned for Saturday and come to this show.

Also on the bill are Gurt, who’ve been an entry in our Future Hits column, as well Grimpen Mire and Torpor. See? Your Saturday night is looking better already. Check out the poster:

Spider Kitten poster 27 July 2013 Thrash Hits

Tickets will set you back a fiver with a flyer. There’ll probably be some downstairs at The Black Heart. Or you could print out the picture above and take that. I doubt the guys at the gig will mind too much. They’d be happy just to see your little smiling faces.

OH LOOK. Here’s the official event page on Facebook with all the information you’ll ever need. Go there if you’ve got any questions.