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July 21st, 2013

Sunday Slaylist: Overnight Drive

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It’s been a while since we nominated a podcast for a Sunday Slaylist, rather than just slapping together something on Spotify that’s vaguely connected to the week’s news. So this week, we’re delving back into the world of musician-published podcasts, and taking a look at the sublime and devastating funny Overnight Drive.

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Overnight Drive is the brainchild of Andrew Duggan and Hans Leibold – current and former members (respectively) of End of a Year / Self Defense Family. The podcast is basically the pair of them talking about the most ridiculous moments from both their professional and personal lives, both historic and current. You want to know what really happens when a band tours the worst parts of the USA in van? You want to know just how annoyed established musicians get with some of the shit their fans pull on them? You want to really know what Patrick Kindlon’s farts smell like? Then Overnight Drive is for you.

The great thing about Overnight Drive is that it features the kind of talk between musicians that you’ll never hear about or see published in any other media. Believe us, musicians everywhere have conversations smack talking other bands, revealing the ridiculously convoluted inter- (and inner-) band feuds, and generally saying awful, offensive stuff about any and everyone, but there are few with the balls-out, no-fucks-given attitude of Andrew and Hans that’s needed to put it out there publicly. This kind of candour is what makes Overnight Drive so great.

It’s also a rather candid look into Hans Leibold’s mental health and sexual misadventures. Guys, Hans should be seen both as an inspiration to you, and as an abject lesson in what not to do with your life. Listen to Overnight Drive and learn something about yourself. You don’t like that? Well, go call a cop, my friend.

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Watch the time they live-streamed an episode of Overnight Drive:

It’s also worth listening to Overnight Drive simply for the episodes when the pair occasionally strong-arm EoaY bassist Sean Doody into taking part – and hell, even when Sean Doody isn’t there in person, he’s often fairly well represented via the medium of tour stories (and Hans’ impersonations of Doody’s….”unique” way of speaking). Look, you’ll just have to take our word on why it’s so great – subscribe to Overnight Drive, download episode one, and get cracking.

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