Thrash Hits

July 31st, 2013

The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 004: 29 July – 04 August 2013

Thrash Hits Cloudcast 004

In this week’s Cloudcast, our entire editorial team in on the mic as Hugh is joined by Raz to talk about some of the best (and in fact, also worst) albums getting released this week, as some outright classic tracks from some of the biggest bands playing shows across the UK over the next seven days.

And yes, we know Hugh messed up all the levels on the talk-sections this week. He’s got a fancy new microphone and he’s not used to it yet. What a prannock.


Liked this week’s playlist? Well, we’ve got some links for you should you wish to a) find out more, or b) shell out some cash to buy them. “Support the scene!” Or something.

All Pigs Must Die – ‘Faith Eater’ (
Five Finger Death Punch – ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ (
Chimaira – ‘All That’s Left Is Blood’ (
Fuck Buttons – ‘Sentients’ (
Killswitch Engage – ‘My Last Serenade’ (
Eyehategod – ‘Sisterfucker (Part II)’ – (
Iron Maiden – ‘Aces High’ (

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