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August 12th, 2013

Album: CB6 – Succession

CB6 promo photo Thrash Hits

05 August 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

Hardcore eh? There’s no denying that the genre’s rise in popularity over the past few years has been astronomical. When I was younger, hardcore meant nothing more than Steve Blackman and Crash Holly twatting each other around the head with steel chairs. But now I know hardcore means a lot more to certain pockets of the alternative community – so much so in fact that it’s more than just a genre, but a way of life. I recently decided to start my own hardcore band and seeing as you can never have enough bands to plagiarise…err…I mean inspire you, I decided to give the CB6‘s new album Succession a spin.

CB6 Succession album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

First thing’s first, it was time to sort out my wardrobe. I opted to stick Succession on while handling the crucial task of vest shopping. Looking the part is the most important factor of being in a hardcore band, right? Upon bagging myself three vests as well as a lovely camo body warmer, my listening material started to catch me off guard. Succession was hardcore alright – plenty of throaty screams and chugging – but it was something different to the eight bands I saw at Ghostfest. The breakdowns were in short supply, and the songs had an almost retro thrash vibe to them. The likes of ‘Clocks’ and the album’s title-track almost had more in common with Anthrax than Brutality Will Prevail.

Needless to say it left me somewhat confused. I was under the impression there was a rigid formula hardcore bands must stick to, I mean, why do so many sound the same if that wasn’t the case? I figured my best bet was to talk to the biggest hardcore aficionado I know. My mate Toby had been to three TDON all dayers and his band once opened for Breaking Point at a show in Scunthorpe. I explained how baffled I was by the album, not just by the unorthodox approach to hardcore stylistically, but by that the album was actually quite fun. I mean it’s an album that makes you want to bang your head and push-mosh. ‘Cold Season’ has a great groove while ‘Elephant In The Room’ is full of bounce. That’s all well and good, but it means the hours I’ve spent perfecting my hardcore dancing in my room was a waste of time.

I didn’t get many answers from Toby though, as he was preoccupied trying to fingerbang a girl in an Honour Over Glory tube top.

Watch the video to ‘Cold Season’ by CB6:

Despite this my hardcore band wasn’t going to form itself, so I decided to push forward with the last crucial part of my hardcore career: a trip to my local tattoo artist. As I sat in the chair patiently waiting to get inked, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Succession. It’s almost like they cared more about their music rather than how they look or trying to get sucked off by lovely tattooed ladies. When it hit me CB6’s take on hardcore and decision to do their own thing rather than be another group of m0sh bro sheep actually benefits them. It’s not revolutionary or the holy grail of UKHC by any means, but the hardcore-meets-thrash crossover sound brings a refreshing change of pace from what I have come to expect from 21st century hardcore.

I decided to leave the tattooist, politely informing him that I’d had second thoughts about getting a portrait of Scott Vogel’s face etched onto my neck.


Sounds Like: UKHC taking itself less seriously and giving a nod towards the big four
Standout Tracks: Perfect, Elephant in the Room, Succession



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