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August 9th, 2013

Album: iwrestledabearonce – Late For Nothing

iwrestledabearonce 2013 promo photo by Jeremy Saffer Thrash Hits

Late For Nothing
Century Media
06 August 2013

by Karma Bertelsen

Heterogeneous quintet jokers, iwrestledabearonce, have finally decided to ripen in their third, slightly more structured than usual studio album Late for Nothing. It’s still an indecisive stew of styles and incontrollable outbursts; it’s just more organized than usual. Their could-care-less attitude persists but, musically they’ve taken themselves a bit more serious and upped their game.

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Commencing and setting precedent for the album is ‘Thunder Chunky’, displaying just how diverse iwabo really is along with harder than ever drum and guitar work. The band have been on tour with new lead vocalist Courtney LaPlante since mid-Warp Tour 2012 but Late For Nothing is their first album recorded with her. While LaPlante’s screams and growls needs no tuition from Melissa Cross, she could spend a few pounds on some singing lessons. Her voice lacks in range, and its lazy monotone sounds almost spoken word in parts; ‘Mind the Gap’ is a great example of her defective vocal dynamics when she’s not got her growl on.

For over half a decade, iwabo have been priding themselves over the fact that they can incorporate a vast array of different styles. What they should’ve been saying is: they take basic samples and mix it into their music. They aren’t coming up with new jazz or salsa fills, just using classic ones and taking credit for bringing something different to metal. Remember that track by the Spice Girls: ‘Spice up your life’? The classic samba and salsa beat used as the backing track to that song is the exact same (slightly sped-up) beat used about a minute into ‘Carnage Asada’. Only difference is, instead of the Spice Girls singing, iwabo have none other than Steve Vai ripping a gut wrenching solo over it.

Watch the video to ‘Boat Paddle’ by iwrestledabearonce:

Listening to iwabo is like being on a constant cliffhanger, anything could happen and there’s always suspense. Late For Nothing is not as ominous as I’ve so far let on – lyrically it’s got some depth to it, and the guitar technicality is extensive. With Late For Nothing, iwrestledabearonce have reaffirmed themselves the hipsters of the underground, nonconforming and refusing to stick to the mainstream’s ideas of subscribing to one genre. They mix their music like salt and sugar. Late For Nothing might the best album they’ve got. but it’s still not great.


Sounds Like: A pack of mixed breed bipolar creatures
Standout Tracks: Thunder Chunky, Carnage Asada



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