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August 22nd, 2013

Bad Band Photos 009: Generation Kill

New York City thrashers, Generation Kill featuring Rob Dukes of Exodus have just signed a worldwide record deal with the mighty metallers at Nuclear Blast, so they sent out a press release along with a photo of the band. So far, so normal…

Generation Kill
From: New York City, USA
Actually from: That annoying bit of Photoshopsville where you can’t quite colourmatch the faces
Age: Old. Too old for this shit, anyway
LOL factor: 4/6 – you won’t notice at first glance, but when you do…
URL: Facebook

Here’s the band photo that we have been sent. It was attached to the press release about them signing to Nuclear Blast. That is new guitarist, Jason Velez second from right, with a slightly pinker face than his bandmates. Digging Rob Dukes’ t-shirt, though. Duff’s is an awesome bar.

Generation Kill new member bad photoshop nuclear blast promo photo 2013

Here’s an older band photo and hang on… They’re in a different pose now but it definitely seems like this is from the same photoshoot. Dukes is wearing the same t-shirt and no, guys – the sunglasses don’t fool us! In Velez’s place, however, is a totally different man. A man who is no longer in Generation Kill. Poor guy.

Now, then. We get it. It’s difficult and expensive to do a new photoshoot every time a flaky lead guitarist decides to bottle it and get replaced, but come on. This is not an expensive shoot. The wardrobe is not from Donna Karan. COME ON, GUYS.

Also: camo shorts.


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