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August 16th, 2013

EP: Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is

Hawk Eyes 2013 promo photo by Danny North Thrash Hits

Hawk Eyes
That’s What This Is
In One Ear Industries
19 August 2013

by David Keevill

Another EP, yet another way for Hawk Eyes to prove that the biggest melodic hooks don’t necessarily come in the most obvious packages. Over their last few releases, the Leeds four-piece have moved away from brontosaurus-sized riffs and into much more alternative dizzying territories; the band have learned how to fit pathologically insane licks into even the most disjointed of passages, with a healthy dose of brazen cheek thrown in for good measure.

Hawk Eyes That's What This Is EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

And That’s What This Is is just another corridor winding to the asylum. This four song EP isn’t that much of a departure from last year’s lobotomising Ideas –‘Never Never, Just Not Now’’s chorus vocals sounds like they could fit easily onto ‘Hollywood Sweatshop’ – but it’s a condensed and exemplary example of an off-kilter rock band making all other contender’s look like melody-averse simpletons.

From the thunderous outro stomp of ‘Never Never, Just Not Now’, through to the raucous beer-slugging swagger of ‘Cheap’ and the melted-butter vocal delivery of ‘More Than A Million’, Hawk Eyes prove that they can scamper between the Foo Fighter’s innate ability to make stadium’s rattle and Faith No More’s capering larks without missing a [syncopated] beat. It’s all tied together with a genuine feel for heavier music that doesn’t rely on clean vocal choruses or derogatory breakdowns. You get the impression that hooks and riffs slide out of Hawk Eyes as easily as farcical and bigoted statements pass from the head of MegaDave.

British rock music dangerously needs the irresistible versatility of this band, and the standard of release they can turf out time and time again. Innovative? Just a bit. Stick Hawk Eyes in a backwater creek and watch as they carve a paddle out of your hollowed-out skull.


Sounds Like: A band making the line “So this is what that was and that’s what’s this is” sound as catchy as ‘Everlong’
Standout Tracks: It’s 4 songs. Don’t be a prick.



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