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September 19th, 2013

Album: 65daysofstatic – Wild Light

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Wild Light
Superball Music
16 September 2013

by Raz

In a bizarre coincidence, 65 per cent of all articles written about 65daysofstatic feature the word “unstoppable” in them. It may be a direct quote of the sample in ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ from the Sheffield post-rockers’ debut album, The Fall of Math or it may be cleverly sculpted into a different slab of hyperbole, there to indicate that 65dos can do no wrong. That’s lazy journalism, that is. And you can say that line about stats being made up in your own head.

The fact of the matter is that while 65daysofstatic have endured the tests of time, they did meander away from the mathy, glitchy, nervous tic-oriented music that they made their name with on 2010’s We Were Exploding Anyway, towards a wholly more dance-oriented sound. However, they’re back to making interesting music that is as electronic as it is organic so purists will be more pleased with Wild Light. Maybe it was the wonderful Silent Running soundtrack that they imagined a couple of years ago or maybe this is simply the perfect balance of sounds for them right now, but on their fifth album, 65dos sounds as content as they ever have done.

65daysofstatic 65dos wild light album cover 2013 thrash hits

Beginning with a cautionary sample is the sombre ‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’, where synths overpower guitars in a wail of classic post-rock feedback before everything claws its way back up to the summit of a beautiful hill, looking down at a apocalyptic soundscape. It’s a beautifully powerful piece of noise that blends into the stuttering ‘Prisms’. That too eventually develops into something that jars as much as it caresses. It’s that feeling of leaning over the edge a little too far before being pulled back by someone who cared enough. Perhaps it’s the 65daysofstatic formula. Perhaps it’s just fucking great.

There is more bleakness in ‘The Undertow’ before the frantically tinkling ‘Blackspots’ adds a sense of synthesised, cacophonous urgency to proceedings. What they’ve retained the most of throughout their career is the bass. While there is melody to follow in the seven minutes of ‘Sleepwalk City’, it’s the persistent rumbling that really grabs you and holds you in. Again, those rare feelings of terror and relief abound.

Listen to ‘Prisms’ by 65daysofstatic:

65daysofstatic excel in creating soundtracks to dystopian nightmares. Sometimes they already have a movie in mind, but what’s most important in this lyric-less landscape is what’s in your mind. This is a thinking man’s band and if you decide to envelop yourself in Wild Light, any darkness inside you will be highlighted, rather than eradicated. The ability to amplify emotions is a powerful skill and it’s one that this band, this music and this album have in abundance. Savour it.


Sounds like: Mogwai shagged a bag of synths and made a horrible baby
Top tracks: you’re going to need to listen to the whole album



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