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September 26th, 2013

Album: Glamour Of The Kill – Savages

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Glamour Of The Kill
23 September 2013 

by Gavin Lloyd

Once upon a time (well, 2007) there were a lot of people tipping Yorkshire’s Glamour Of The Kill for big things. In a world where the likes of Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold were all being championed as the shining beacons that would lead metal into a brighter tomorrow, GOTK could have become the missing part in a whole new Big Four. Alas, that didn’t happen and while they’ve kept plugging away their following has remained modest to say the least. Yet in a world where the aforementioned BFMV are global straddling superstars and A7X have recently scored a UK number one album surely winning over new fans should now be a piece of cake for GOTK, right?

Savages is an album that takes the concept of “for fans of” to such ridiculous new levels that you’d be forgiven for thinking this is actually a Bullet For My Valentine album. If frontman Davey Richmond has other impersonations as good as his Matt Tuck in his arsenal, he must be a laugh riot with his mates. It doesn’t stop there though: GOTK’s poppy choruses and zippy solos are all feel like they could’ve been plucked from their more successful Welsh counterparts’ bag of tricks.

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Not all music has to be groundbreaking though, and with BFMV’s Temper, Temper leaving many cold this should be a golden opportunity for GOTK to score an underdog victory. Things start off strong enough, as ‘Break’ provides an infectious rock club dance floor filler for the album’s opener. This is swiftly followed up by the equally good ‘Second Chance‘, a fast paced anthem with a big chorus and great usage of those woah-oh-ohs.

GOTK’s basic formula soon begins to tire though – and this isn’t helped by some dire lyrical content. The “sexy” themes of ‘Heartbreaker’ are about as erotic as Michael Fish. While what is surely meant to be the album’s party anthem, ‘Live For The Weekend’ falls flat also. Where Bring Me The Horizon were screaming about “partying ’til you pass out and drinking ’til you’re dead”, this song conjures up the kind of partying that Hard-Fi were privy to – three pints of Carling at an old man pub on a Friday evening. No offence to old man pubs, but they’re not exactly the epitome rock’n’roll are they?

Watch the video to ‘Second Chance’ by Glamour Of The Kill:

Here lies the album’s biggest flaw: it’s boring. It’s one thing to ape another band’s sound if you can bring bigger choruses or better riffs to the table, but sadly that’s not the case here. Savages is the most middle-ground of middle-ground rock. It’s a beige album that offers little reason to come back for repeat listens, and in a year that has been so very strong for the commercial end rock and metal, Glamour Of The Kill unfortunately aren’t cutting it.


Sounds Like: Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria
Standout Tracks: Break, Second Chance, A Beautiful Day To Die



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