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September 5th, 2013

Come see Caïna, Hordes, and Barshasketh for FREE on Friday

Caïna Bleak Metal banner Thrash Hits

You got much on this weekend? You in or around London on Friday? You got anything better to do than go see some evil blackened metal (of a whole load of kinds) thanks to Caïna, Hordes, and Barshasketh playing a free show at the Camden Unicorn, c/o Bleak Metal? Nope, didn’t think so.

Yet another quality free show taking place in The Unicorn in Camden, this show is not only the first live show by Caïna in four years, but it’s the first time ever that either Hordes (former Future Hits alumni ahoy!) or Barshasketh have played in London. The bands start playing at 8pm, and curfew’s 11pm, so make sure you’re in the right corner of North London tomorrow night if you want in on some deeply unpleasant sounds.

Bleak Metal is in fact Cheryl Carter, writer for Metal Hammer and a dozen or so other places. She’s even written a cool thing for us that we’ll publish next week if our lazy deputy editor gets round to putting it up. Whatever – she’s more than okay in our book for sorting out a show like this. Go marvel at the gig flyer (and click on it for more details via the gig’s Facebook event page).

Caïna Bleak Metal flyer Thrash Hits

Tickets aren’t on sale now because this is a FREE GIG. You just need to turn up, buy a fews pints of beer/your alcoholic beverage of choice in order to keep this whole free-gig-economic-model running, and watch some miserably evil metal bands. That’s easy enough, right?



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