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September 6th, 2013

EP: MINE – Disappear

MINE 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

Holy Roar / Cult Culture
30 September 2013

by Ollie Connors

Back in 2004, Saosin were on the brink of emergence into the big leagues, until vocalist Anthony Green upped sticks in the middle of the Warped Tour. He went on to form Circa Survive, who are still going strong four albums down the line whilst Saosin…flounder. MINE don’t sound even a little like Saosin or Circa Survive, but there is a certain parallel to be drawn.

MINE Disappear EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

They might not exactly be Warped Tour material, but Hang The Bastard had built up a considerable and loyal following before the surprising departure of vocalist Chris Barling. HTB are still very much active without their former frontman, but his current outfit MINE are building a name of their own, with the likes of last October’s debut self-titled offering, and now Disappear.

Although mightily impressive, MINE’s introductory four-tracker may have stepped a little too close to familiar ground, whereas Disappear sees the quartet ploughing their own furrow. Many British bands have attempted to emulate the qualities of revered American contemporaries such as Touché Amoré and Pianos Become The Teeth, but few who have sounded quite as fantastic as MINE in doing so. Disappear strips that blueprint back to raw and naked emotive vulnerability, and in some places, even throws in more primitive punk rock energy. It demonstrates the wealth of talents this band possesses, and, perhaps most tantalisingly of all, shows only a glimpse of the potential they have.

Opener ‘Stand Up Straight And Let Me Take A Look At You’ envelops the listener in a maelstrom of discordant riffs and howled vocals following a gentle and soothing introduction, but it’s the lead-break weaving in and out of prominence that really catches the ear. ‘Penknife’, despite barely more than 3-and-a-half-minutes in length, carries more gravitas than some bands manage in their entire career. A chaotic number that becomes enveloped in layers of swirling, slightly psychedelic reverb, it is a tumultuous ride, but one worth the entry price alone.

Eponymous track ‘Disappear’ displays some of the confrontational punk rock alluded to earlier, bringing to mind luminaries such as Fucked Up. However, it’s on ‘Sleepwalk’ that MINE really excel, with a stunning vocal performance from Barling and spectacular instrumental performances (who number current and former members of Centurion’s Ghost and A Long Time Dead amongst them) closing out the EP.

MINE have expanded vastly on early promise and delivered four tracks that establish the Caps Lock fans as yet another band to make emotive post-hardcore fans’ jeans tighten slightly. If MINE are this good at this stage of their career, we may have something truly special on our hands.


Sounds Like: Vales, Svalbard, The Saddest Landscape
Standout Tracks: Sleepwalk, Penknife, Disappear



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