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September 26th, 2013

Live: 65daysofstatic @ London Scala – 25 September 2013

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Having released an excellent new album last week in the form of Wild Light, 65daysofstatic are doing the usual promotional tour for it. Seeing as the album is so excellent, it would’ve been foolish to miss them in London, wouldn’t it.

6 things we learnt watching 65dos at The Scala

1) 65daysofstatic have faith in their new music and rightly so. Wild Light is a wonderful album and they played every second of it, taking up over half of the set. They set the tone by starting the evening with the first two songs from it. It’s telling that there are three songs from We Were Exploding Anyway straight afterwards, but tonight is all about Wild Light.

2) They end with the classic brace of ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ and ‘Radio Protector’ but their focus is still on Wild Light as ‘Safe Passage’ is the last song before the lights go up. They have no problem with satisfying their fans with quintessential 65dos songs but, yes, it’s all about the new album. As with most artists, they probably believe that their most recent material is their best and after hearing it live, there really is no reason to disagree.

3) With Paul Wolinski flitting between guitar, piano and electronics, this band is as dynamic as an instrumental band possibly could be. At one point, as he pores over some sample triggering gear, he is suddenly reminiscent of Mr Hahn. Are 65days Sheffield’s answer to Linkin Park? Perhaps not. As the four of them line up across the stage behind their electronic desks, it seems much more accurate to liken them to Kraftwerk.

4) As active and intense as the band are, it’s the rabid laser and light show that adds poignancy and atmosphere to tonight’s sweatbox. One should always take the time to fully appreciate an excellent audiovisual set. They’re a rarity.

5) When The Scala is as absolutely rammed as it is tonight, it’s difficult to find a vantage point strong enough to actually see the band. The fact that every staircase and vomit-riddled corner is haunted by the ghosts of FaceDown also makes it a curious venue. Luckily, the next gig ought be a step up and so will probably be in Koko, another of London’s large club venues with dubious sightlines and even more memories of nightclub life.

6) Next year will see the tenth anniversary of their first album, The Fall Of Math and while they also play ‘Fix the Sky a Little’ and ‘This Cat Is a Landmine’ tonight, it’s ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ that prompts a wonderfully jumpy 90s push pit to open up. Seeing as the best way to experience a 65dos album is in its uninterrupted entirety, could there be an anniversary show next year?



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