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September 24th, 2013

Live: Motionless in White @ London Kentish Town Forum – 21 September 2013

Motionless in White band promo photo thrash hits 2013

The triple threat of Motionless in White, The Defiled and Glamour of the Kill might give some people nightmares about bad haircuts and too much make-up, but for others it’s a goth-fuelled dream. Those people were all in Kentish Town watching the gig with Gavin Lloyd, who’s also bang up for dreaming about goths. And then writing about them.

6 things we learnt while watching Motionless in White et al in Kentish Town

1) Tonight’s openers, Glamour of the Kill turn out to be a much more fierce proposition live than on record. While the studio makes them sound a bit too squeaky clean, when they pull the breakdowns out live, they’re heavy enough to warrant an impressively large wall of death.

2) The Defiled are a band who like to have fun live and, unlike many bands of a similar ilk, aren’t afraid to show it. The way frontman Stitch talks to the crowd like a bunch of old friends is a much welcome alternative to the menacing persona others in the facepaint brigade often adhere to. Furthermore, keyboardist The AvD’s attempt to hug the many crowd-surfers they receive can’t help but put a smile on your face. It’s lapped up by the crowd, who chant for an encore – something rarely heard for a support band.

3) While the deafening screams and arms in the air prove the crowd to be enthusiastic enough, they’re reluctant to engage in any movement unless prompted by the bands onstage. It’s even more apparent during Motionless In White as there isn’t a single mosh pit all night with most opting to film the gig on their bloody mobile phones instead.

4) It’s a fair assumption that MIW would like to put on stage shows like that of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie before them. Frontman, Chris Motionless stating this was the biggest show of the tour and that they’re doing something special, implies they’re attempting this but what we actually get is hideously underwhelming. In short, a girl comes out and breathes fire during a couple of songs, making sporadic appearances throughout the night with a mate to roll around on the stage with and clutching each other’s breasts. They even perform a sexy dance routine with an umbrella that comes across as an adults-only, goth Mary Poppins sketch. It’s an unnecessary distraction, often embarrassing and occasionally laughably shit.

5) When it comes to the actual music, Motionless In White have plenty of good songs in their arsenal. As the band powers through a set of material from last year’s Infamous as well as their debut Creatures, they go from strength to strength. The stomping ‘Divine Infection’ sits perfectly alongside the more gothic tinged ‘Puppets’. Their 90s shock rock meets 2000s emo deathcore sound may generously borrow ideas from some quite obvious source material but there’s no faulting their song-writing prowess.

6) The band is a slick and powerful proposition but the star of the show is Chris Motionless. Yet again, he proves himself to be a fantastic frontman and a superb vocalist, delivering both his sinister screams and clean vocals with a palpable aggression that may even surpass his obvious childhood hero (Marilyn Manson) in terms of belligerence. He’s on the way to establishing himself as a charismatic rock star in his own right.




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