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September 29th, 2013

Sunday Slaylist: Live Evil Festival 2013

Live Evil 2013 Thrash Hits

In keeping with our ongoing theme of Winter metal-fest themed Sunday Slaylists, we were going to put something together today to herald the impending (and quite frankly magnificent-looking) Live Evil Festival 2013. We say “were”, because yesterday while bumming around on the internet, we found out that Dylan Hughes aka A Fist In The Face Of God got there first. And made a better mix than we ever could.

We’re not going to give you the tracklisting to Dylan’s superb mix – suffice to say it features fourteen of the acts that will be taking to the stage at this year’s Live Evil. If you want to know who’s playing, you’ll have to go check out Dylan’s website or the post he made about it over on Noisey.

Live Evil is the festival curated by Marek Steven, he of Amulet and Skill Wizard fame, and is made up entirely of bands that have featured in Fenriz’s (yes, Darkthrone’s Fenriz) Band Of The Week blog. Weekend tickets will set you back an entirely reasonable £35 (not including fees), and single day tickets will cost you £25 (also, not including fees). Live Evil is only three weeks away, so you better get your shit together and buy your tickets now, okay? Tickets for the Friday night festival pre-show with Antichrist and Deathhammer have already sold out, so that’ll teach you for being slack, won’t it?

Live Evil poster 2013 Thrash Hits


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