Thrash Hits

September 19th, 2013

The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 009: The 2013 COROT-3b Prize Shortlist


On this week’s Cloudcast we’re playing tracks from all the bands we’ve shortlisted for the 2013 COROT-3b Music Prize. What is the living heck is the COROT-3b Music Prize? Well, go here and find out.

This week’s playlist:

Acoda – ‘This Is Life’ from Yours To Defend (
Asking Alexandria – ‘The Death of Me’ from From Death To Destiny (
Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Shadow Moses’ from Sempiternal (
Brotherhood Of The Lake – ‘Grief Ritual’ from Desperation Is The English Way Vol.2 (
Carcass – ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’ from Surgical Steel (
Crash of Rhinos – ‘Opener’ from Knots (
The Catharsis – ‘Stray Dogs’ from Romance (
The Defiled – ‘As I Drown’ from Daggers (
Earthtone9 – ‘March of the Yeti’ from IV (
Evile – ‘Skull’ from Skull (
The James Cleaver Quintet – ‘Plainview’ from Mechanical Young (
Palm Reader – ‘Spineless’ from Bad Weather (

Now stop whatever it is you’re doing and go vote!


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