Thrash Hits

September 24th, 2013

The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 010: 23-29 September 2013


Gavin Lloyd joins us again for this week’s Cloudcast, where we forgo talking about tours and gigs to just talk about records coming out this week, starting off with some post-UKSWELL (end us now, we have become Those Guys who just make up genres), and swinging all the way through to tough-guy nu-metalcore and ending with a bit of classic grunge. Yep.

And no, before anyone makes a big deal out of it, we’re not sure why Mixcloud has inserted about 20-odd seconds of silence after the TRC track. It wasn’t there when we uploaded it.

This week’s playlist:

We Never Learned To Live – ‘Crow’s Feet’ (
Jesu – ‘Homesick’ (
A Storm Of Light – ‘You Are The Hunted’ (
INVNS – ‘Our Blood’ (
TRC – ‘Gold Medal Music’ (
Nirvana – ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’ (

So what did you reckon of this week’s Cloudcast? Should we have shouted at Gavin to talk more? Drop us a comment down below, or mouth off unnecessarily over on Facebook or Twitter. Tell us the good stuff, the bad stuff, the whole lot. C’MON.