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September 11th, 2013

Vote for the best British album of the year in the COROT-3b Prize

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Yes, we know the Mercury Prize is just a marketing vehicle for the NME and the Guardian and we’ve genuinely given up complaining about rock and metal not being included in there – even as a token gesture, like they occasionally do with avant garde and jazz artists – but it’s a bloody good excuse to have a little celebration of the excellent British music that has been released over the past year.

Back in 2009, we decided that Mercury wasn’t heavy metal enough so we had a little look around the internet. We thought about calling it the Osmium Prize because that is the heaviest metal but then we found the most heavy metal planet around at the time and it was called… COROT-3b. Decent name. Rolls off the tongue and whatnot. The mighty Malefice won that year with Dawn of Reprisal

Sadly, it’s been superseded by an even heavier planet made of metals since then – COROT-7b – but we’re happy being slightly less heavy than the heaviest and we’re also happy being slightly out-of-date. Whatever.

The winner will receive the princely sum of £6.66 in pennies so… here are the nominations:

AcodaYours To Defend
The young Corby quartet’s assured mathy, melodic metalcore debut gives much hope for the future.

Asking AlexandriaFrom Death To Destiny
Their third album charted at #5 in the US Billboard chart. Something to be vaguely proud of? No? OK.

Bring Me The HorizonSempiternal
Following up the exceptional There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret. with this nu metal-influenced mosh masterclass, the Sheffield squad continue to defy all their detractors.

Brotherhood Of The LakeDesperation Is The English Way Vol.2
One slice of effortless brutality wasn’t enough for the Plymouth monsters. So they released a second. MONSTERS.

CarcassSurgical Steel
The best British death metal band ever? Perhaps. Their first album following their reformation is exactly the album they needed to make. It’s the album we deserve.

The CatharsisRomance
A bit of shouty UK hardcore with a rising reputation and a very good album under their belts? Why not.

Crash of RhinosKnots
Another UK band but it’s far less abrasive as the Derby quintet blends melody all the way through their hardcore.

The DefiledDaggers
Doing as well in the US as they are over here now, we’ve always been big supporters of the mental furbies.

Don’t call it a comeback, but it’s a bloody good one from one of the shining lights of interesting metal from well over a decade ago.

This is probably more of a stepping stone to catapult their career from but it’s a very good album nonetheless.

The James Cleaver QuintetMechanical Young
It’s a bizarre album that led to a review comparing them to Neapolitan ice cream – just read it.

Palm ReaderBad Weather
Another talent from an imperiously strong British hardcore scene, this should turn some heads. There’s more to come from this lot.

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CHILL OUT. IT’S JUST A BIT OF FUN. And yes, we’ve probably missed out your favourite album as well. Whatcha gonna do?



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