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September 6th, 2013

WIN! Never Say Die tour bundle, swag + MEET A BAND OF YOUR CHOICE

Look at this poster. How can any part of this be bad? It’s a blooming Photoshop disaster that would definitely be worth a an entry into Bad Band Photos, but it’s a tour package, not a band. Anyway, everything can only get better after seeing this, right?

never say die 2013 impericon emmure carnifex i killed the prom queen betraying the martyrs thrash hits

RIGHT! Look at all the dogs! You can win two (2) pair of tickets to a show of your choice, four (4) random Impericon band t-shirts, a Caparison guitar goody bag (t-shirt, stickers, other swag) AND a Meet & Greet with a band on the tour OF YOUR CHOICE. No dogs are included in the competition prize. How to win? Hmmm…

never say die 2013 impericon competition dogs thrash hits

Step 1: Vote in this poll.

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Step 2: Head to Twitter and/or Facebook and share this link, making sure you tag Thrash Hits in there.

Step 3: Leave a comment below telling us your best #M0SH Story.

It could be a tale from the biggest circle pit you’ve been, your very first pit or it could be that time you were crowdsurfing to Limp Bizkit at Reading Festival and you got dropped and then someone stood on your face. That never happened… right? ANYWAY. Whichever comment gets the most upvotes wins, so tell all your friends.

Basically, the more of your friends you get to vote for your #M0SH Story, the more chance you have of winning. Plus, if you do win you’ll be able to pick three (3) of them to go with you to the Impericon Never Say Die gig of your choice. Not bad, eh?

SIMPLE. Simple? SIMPLE. Good luck making up an awesome #M0SH Story!

CLOSING DATE: 1pm 03 October 2013


  • Raz

    I was crowdsurfing to Limp Bizkit at Reading Festival 2000. I got dropped when I got towards the front of the pit and someone stood on my head. I wasn’t permanently injured (promise) but that was the last time I crowdsurfed at a festival. Pretty sure I’ve still got a bootprint on my face, though.

  • Quentin Nourisson

    I was moshing… #M0SH story!

  • Kévin

    One time in a show I was moshing when suddenly I feel something in my left arm that hurt, so I turned my head to see what happens … I saw a guys with a chair in his hand … Yes I was hitting by a chair in a moshpit and I have no idea where this chair came from because there was no chair in this place !

  • Julien Cuvellier

    #M0SH story !

  • Alex

    i went to a concert of a famous russian band.and then i realize ZAT I CAME TO ZE RONG NEIBORHOOD #M0SH story

  • floortickler

    One time I saw Emmure play so I stabbed myself repeatedly in the groin as I realised then I could never bring a child into this awful, awful world.

  • James ‘Ethelbert’ Halstead

    I had a fingernail ripped off in a municipal waste pit by one of those horrendously annoying bullet belts #m0sh

  • Sam

    I own an Emmure hat that says MOSH and because of it my friends have nicknamed me the mosh lord whilst also calling me the worst human being to ever live #m0sh

  • Emma Hurley

    During Enter Shikari’s set two people were fucking right in the middle of the pit, tripped over them and fell right next to the guy’s face as he was uh… finishing off.

    • Raz

      Yes, you win. Email me raz at

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