Thrash Hits

October 21st, 2013

If You Buy One Thing This Week: Split Roast by Gurt & Limb

Limb & Gurt promo photo Thrash Hits

One of the best things about If You Buy One Thing This Week is that it gives us a chance to catch up with what our Future Hits alumni have been getting up to. This week we get to score double-points because not one but two of our former subjects – Gurt and Limb. They’ve paired up their respective sludge- and desert-flavoured brands of doom to create an almighty split EP.
Not only does Split Roast contain a fresh new track from each band, but it sees the bands cover a track from each other, as well as each serving up a truly weirdo cover. Gurt have taken of ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads, while Limb have well and truly demolished ‘Son and Daughter’ by Queen. It’s bloody brilliant.

Not only can you go pick up Split Roast as a sexy, extraordinarily limited-edition CD, but the cheapskates among you can go pick it up as a pay-what-you-like download. Yes, you can go get it for the sum total of £0.00, if you so choose. If you do that, then technically you won;t have bought this EP, thus defeating the entire point of us calling this column If You Buy One Thing This Week. You’ll not only be doing the bands over, but you’ll be doing us over too. Don’t be that guy.

Gurt & Limb Split Roast EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits