Thrash Hits

October 8th, 2013

PREMIERE! Visions – These Days

Visions 2013 Thrash Hits

You’ve seen Office Space, right? The criminally under-rated 1999 Mike Judge film? The rather excellent Visions have. They’ve seen it so many times they decided to base their video for their new track, ‘These Days’, around the famous scene from the film where Peter, Michael and Samir kick the everloving bejesus out of a less than worthless piece of office machinery. Only Visions‘ version has a killer tech-flecked bit of metal soundtracking it.

Watch the video to ‘These Days’ by Visions:

Not only is there this sweet video for the new song, but you can only bloody well download it for free too – just head on over to Visions’ Bandcamp page and click the necessary links (c’mon, we don’t need to hold your hand for that).

This is what the artwork looks like. If you click on it, you’ll also be taken to the free download as well. Stop messing about and go download it. Then click here and go to the Visions Facebook page, where you can Like them and comment about how much you liked it that they premiered their video on Thrash Hits.

Visions These Days EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits