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October 6th, 2013

Sunday Slaylist: Impericon Never Say Die! 2013

Impericon Never Say Die! 2013 Thrash Hits

You know what’s kicking off tonight? The Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2013. How do you say that out loud when it’s got an exclamation mark in the middle? Do you have to shout it out loud, and then say they “tour 2013” bit in your normal voice? That’s how we do it when we read it in our internal monologue.

Whatever. Come listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist of this year’s tour line-up.

The tour, which yearly brings the a clutch of the biggest bands in the m0sh-bro and m0sh-WAG world together to tour Europe, is headlined this year by Emmure, with the rest of the line-up being made up of Carnifex, I Killed The Prom Queen, Betraying The Martyrs, Hundredth, Northlane, and Hand of Mercy. The UK leg kicks off tonight in Birmingham, and over the next four nights it’s hitting Glasgow, London, Manchester and Cardiff. Go have a listen and hear what you’ve got to look forward to/are missing on this year’s tour.

Spotify is available to most of Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and a load of other countries for free – though obviously you’re better off shelling out either £5 or £10 a month for one of Spotify’s premium packages, as then you can listen to our Slaylists without having them interrupted by adverts. For our readers in countries not currently serviced by Spotify….well, you’ve still got time to buy yourself a ticket to the Impericon Never Say Die! 2013 tour and go see it for real, don’t you?

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