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October 27th, 2013

Sunday Slaylist: The COROT-3b Prize (last chance to vote!)

COROT-3b Prize Sunday Slaylist Thrash Hits

HEY YOU: the Mercury Prize is announcing it’s 2013 winner on Wednesday 30 October 2013. That mean we’re announcing the winner of our COROT-3b Prize too. Don’t know what the COROT-3b Prize is? Well, go click on that link. Everyone up to speed? Good. You’ve got mere hours left to cast your vote, so we figured we’d use this week’s Sunday Slaylist to not only remind you of who’s up for the prize, and to prompt any Johnny-come-lately types to CAST THEIR VOTES NOW.

The winner of the COROT-3b Prize gets a whopping £6.66, which we will deliver to the band in pennies. Why? Because that’s literally the most metal (in weight) that you can get for £6.66. Yes, it’s one big overcompensation exercise to be as metal as possible. It’s that which the whole spurious foundation of the COROT-3b Prize is based upon.

Anyhow, listen to our Slaylist and remind yourselves just who’s nominated for the prize this year:

And now here’s the all-important poll for you to vote for who you want to win.

[poll id=”53″]

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