Thrash Hits

October 13th, 2013

Sunday Slaylist: UK Fungus Day

UK Fungus Day Thrash Hits

Yes, apparently today is UK Fungus Day. Yes, we are spuriously hanging a Sunday Spotify Slaylist off of this. No, don’t ask us anymore questions.

Of course, this is really just an excuse for us to put some music by the awesome Fungus on the site. Fungus were a Swedish alt-rock band from about fifteen years ago that no-one other than us really remembers. They were ace.

We’ve also put a Mushroom head song in there. Sorry. We couldn’t really leave them out if they theme is about fungus, though could we?

Spotify is available to most of Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and a load of other countries for free – though obviously you’re better off shelling out either £5 or £10 a month for one of Spotify’s premium packages, as then you can listen to our Slaylists without having them interrupted by adverts. For our readers in countries not currently serviced by Spotify….well, you can still go out and celebrate UK Fungus Day, can’t you? (Editor’s Note: don’t go eating any wild mushrooms or fungus that you find growing on the back of a bin or anything, you fucking idiot).


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