Thrash Hits

October 2nd, 2013

The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 011: 30 September – 06 October 2013


For this week’s Cloudcast, our deputy editor Hugh is going it alone – we’ve got a cut from In Solitude (our pick for If You Buy One Thing This Week), as well as tracks by Soulfly, More Than Conquerors, Baby Godzilla, Conan, and Wet Nuns. Oh, and a track by a little-known Watford punk band called Shockmaster. Apparently, they are so very proud of all their boys.

This week’s playlist:

In Solitude – ‘Sister’ (
Soulfly – ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ (
Baby Godzilla – ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ (
More Than Conquerors – ‘Pits of Old’ (
Conan – ‘Hawk As Weapon’ (
Wet Nuns – ‘Broken Teeth’ (
Shockmaster – ‘#SPOMB (Love Me) (

So what did you reckon of this week’s Cloudcast? Do the kind of people who unironically spout @SoProudOfMyBoys nonsense get on your tits as much as they get on ours? Drop us a comment down below, or mouth off unnecessarily over on Facebook or Twitter. Tell your friends. We bet they’ll love it.