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November 1st, 2013

Album: Winds of Plague – Resistance

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Winds of Plague
Century Media
29 October 2013

by Tom Gibbons

I gave Winds of Plague an absolute pasting in my review of their last album, 2011’s Against The World, with my criticisms revolving (mainly) around its lazy writing, tedious breakdowns, Johnny Plague’s testosterone-fuelled lyrics, and sub-par production quality. With that in mind, it’s with extreme trepidation that I plugged in their new album Resistance.

Winds Of Plague Resistance album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Characteristics from Against The World linger on to this new album, but that’s not necessarily for the worst. Let me explain: Wind Of Plague’s sound is still the same entry-level symphonic deathcore with gang vocals that they’ve spread over their previous three similar-sounding albums, but those previously criticised elements from Against The World have simply been done better this time around on Resistance.

Starting with Jonny’s vocals, this time around they are well mixed, with clever use of tones and studio effects that pleasantly gloss over his repetitive “crush your enemy” cliches. Broadening the focus, there’s more of the same – gang vocals, breakdowns, chugger-chugger verses, etc – but the better production means Resistance actually jumps out of the speakers at you. New drummer Brandon Galindo has laid down some killer passages, and seriously makes up for the mostly limited ambition of his band’s guitarists.

Time To Reap kicks off like a Demanufacture-era Fear Factory classic, and ‘United Through Hatred’ is reminiscent of Biohazard at their best. The album’s improved dynamic changes are furthered (within limits) by a lovely guitar solo on ‘Good Ol’ Fashion Bloodbath’. Even the synths aren’t as garish and obtuse this time around, probably thanks to that better mix. It’s (still) easy to scoff at Winds of Plague – just look at per the forums of – but the band deserve at least some credit for sticking to their guns and improving.


Sounds Like: a WWE promo video
Standout Tracks: United Through Hatred, Good Ol Fashion Bloodbath, Time to Reap



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