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December 17th, 2013

Album: Dawn of Tears – Act III: The Dying Eve

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Dawn of Tears
Act III: The Dying Eve
Inverse Records
31 October 2013

by Pete Long

Six years after their impressive debut long-player Descent, Spanish five-piece Dawn of Tears return with Act III: The Dying Eve. The world hasn’t exactly been short of melodic death metal bands in that time, but it’s still a big old absence, with only the Dark Chambers Litanies EP to show for that time. Throw in a few changes to the line-up – no more keyboardist Charly Alvarez – and it is difficult to know what to expect.

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What was not expected was a very high, very clicky, and very distracting bass drum. This is a shame as the guitar work and Jesus Alonso’s vocals deserve better. Alonso’s vocals are particularly impressive, articulate and full of bite. The guitar work may be less to everyone’s taste. Guitarist JL Trebol might know a good riff when he writes one, but for The Dying Eve he has written a lot of high-pitched, sickly sweet sections. As an album, it is quite a departure from the grandiose aggression of Descent. The melodeath core remains, but with less gothic overtones, and more power metal without the mania.

That’s not to say there’s nothing good here; the keyboards and guitars intro of the sombrely beautiful ‘Silent As Shades Are’ would fit on any Dark Tranquillity album. ‘Prizes Denied’ has an excellent contrast of symphonic bombast and stripped-down melodeath riffs. However, good pieces of music do not always make good songs. There is no feeling of resolution or climax to many of the songs on The Dying Eve. Nor is there any overriding sense of emotion – no crushing melancholy, no soaring hysteria. It’s just all a little bland.

The unfortunate truth is that Dawn of Tears have made an album that is decent at best and tepid at worst. It’s not an album that people will regret buying but they’re probably not going to play it very often. Given what Dawn of Tears have shown they can do, that’s kind of sad.


Sounds Like: Children of Bodom on tranquilisers and not doing well for it
Standout Tracks: Lament of Madeleine, Silent As Shades Are, Prizes Denied



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