Thrash Hits

December 29th, 2013

Sunday Slaylist: The Best of 2013

2013 AOTY Thrash Hits Albums of the Year

The end of the year is here. Pretty much everything that’s going to be released is now out, and barring any late breaking oh-my-God-is-that-actually-happening style news stories, 2013 is done and dusted. And with the convenient if entirely arbitrary transition from one year to the next a mere 48 hours away, we’re dedicating the final Sunday Spotify Slaylist of 2013 to the records that we loved the most this year.

Everything on this week’s Slaylist features somewhere in our Best of 2013 content, which surely you’ve all taken the time to read by this point? What’s that? You haven’t? Well, this final Slaylist of 2013 is over two hours long, which gives you plenty of time to revisit our various lists and see what our contributors, photographers and editors thought were the highlights of the last 12 months in heavy music.

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