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January 28th, 2014

Album: Indian – From All Purity

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From All Purity
Relapse Records
21 January 2014

by David Keevill

There are lots of aspects of metal that you can play to your mother, whilst still hoping to earn her approval and certify that you’re a functioning member of society. Some music, however, is so unrepentant, so clearly a mark of projected sociopathy, that it can only just sidle onto the extremer end of Radio 1 Rock Show, let alone be played to a beloved, concerned family member without wishing to cause serious alarm.

Indian From All Purity album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Indian’s latest album, From All Purity, externally bears all the marks of degradation, from song titles like ‘Rape’ through to its album cover, a cadaver pushing its fingers through the gaping mouth of its day-to-day skin-mask. The gurning skeleton, a thick slab of tongue muscling between its sharp teeth, represents the horror and sickness Indian see lying beneath the surface of humanity. From All Purity is the sound of a group of people manifesting the ponderous march of civilization to a demise of its own creation.

As if to recall some of the ways in which humankind has pushed itself closer to the brink, Indian’s vocals are reminiscent of the fuzzy barked recordings of Adolf Hitler, spattered over the top of thick, arrhythmic noise. You will struggle to find anything that resembles a semblance of order within the barracking drone of thick guitar lines and slogging crash of cymbals. This is music that makes TH favourites Conan seem purposeful and tight. This is both From All Purity’s greatest strength and weakness. It is nihilistic, abrasive noise that beguiles and fails to leave much of an impression beyond the feeling of utter despair. To its credit though, it’s this boggling amalgam that makes songs like the ‘Clarify’, a five-minute version of Slipknot’s deranged ‘(515)’, part of the whole as opposed to just some filler.

Indian’s slack, sloping guitar lines are buried beneath a claustrophobic knuckle of sound, making this sound like a metal record in the loosest of senses. From All Purity is five guys, of obviously great talent, using an array of collected noise to batter down the tropes of heavier music with disorientating, and often brilliant, results.


Sounds Like: Neurosis, Swans, Conan
Standout Tracks: Directional, The Impetus Bleeds



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