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January 15th, 2014

Album: Self Defense Family – Try Me

Self Defense Family 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

Self Defense Family
Try Me
Deathwish Inc.
6 January 2014

by Alex Andrews

“A review is some asshole you don’t know, who is unable to provide credentials, telling you about a product you can experience for free in the same length of time it takes to read about it.”

— Patrick Kindlon, Self Defense Family

Self Defense Family Try Me album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Although Try Me was only officially released last week, the album has been available on Spotify since the end of November. If you have anything that qualifies as a passing interest in the band, you’ve no doubt listened to it already, you already know that half of the record’s 80-minute running time is taken up by a candid interview with a gravelly-voiced former porn star (Angelique Bernstein, better known as Jeanna Fine), and you’re already painfully aware of the fact that Self Defense Family are not so much a band, but a loosely-defined collective, a revolving cast of musicians and a collection of meticulously-managed social media accounts.

If you really want to read more about the album, a quick Google search will reveal dozens of suspiciously similar articles that rehash all of the above, while throwing in some Fugazi references for good measure. Alternatively, you could just listen to the record above (it’s free, after all) and make up your own mind.


Sounds Like: Seedy storytelling, slow build-ups, hypnotic rhythms, DC post-hardcore, British post-punk (or just a band trying really hard to punk the punk scene).
Standout Tracks: Tithe Pig, Turn The Fan On, Apport Birds.



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