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January 11th, 2014

Best of 2013: Top 6 News


We spell it out clear as day in our ‘About’ page – Thrash Hits is not a new blog. It’s the very first sentence in our ‘About’ page. If we wanted to just regurgitate the hundreds of meaningless press releases that arrive in our inboxes every day, we’d go work for one of those other, nowhere-near-as-good-as-Thrash-Hits websites. You really want another site where you can read the same story over and over again, with nothing new added to it other than just a slightly-differemt-flavour of snark?

So yeah, we might not be a news site, but we still post news stories every now and again. Sometimes it’s because a news story is too big to ignore, sometimes it’s because we’ve gone and done some actual journalism and discovered something all on our own. Sometimes it’s just that we found something we really liked and wanted more of you to know about it. Here are six of our most-viewed from 2013*.


thor chris hemsworth thrash hits 20121) Chris Hemsworth aka Thor is a metalhead

God bless Pantera. Raz noticed in an interview with Esquire magazine that Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR, used Pantera as music when he was doing his boxing training. Pantera’s “people” dutifully noticed that we’d written this, and then piped that knowledge in to the Facebook feeds of the 8 million Facebook followers the now long-defunct groove metal band has. Cheers guys.
Read the full story here

Sonisphere_2014_150pxThrashHits2) Sonisphere Festival is returning to Knebworth in 2014
After the kerfuffle of cancellations that plagued the UK leg of Sonisphere in 2012 and 2013, we weren’t sure if the young upstart challenger to Download Festival’s crown would ever make a return. Our usual watertight rumour gathering skills were at a loss too – no-one knew anything. Then in November that al changed, with Kilimanjaro, the festival promotes, announcing the festival was returning in 2014. This news was so secret that some people in Kilimanjaro’s own office weren’t aware this was happening until the public announcement. Wow.
Read the full story here

malcolm brickhouse jarad dawkins unlocking the truth 12 year old metallers brooklyn new york avant garde diaries thrash hits3) Two 12-year-old metalheads, who grew up in a hip hop neighbourhood, tell their story
Sometimes a news story comes along that (almost) melts our (permanently rotten) hearts. The story of Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins, two 12-year-old kids from Brooklyn, and how they’re got more passion for metal than most of the writers working for shitty internet metal blogs will ever have, was one of those stories. Go watch this video again and stop being so cynical.
Read the full story here

Metal_fans_cannot_spell_150px_ThrashHits4) Why can’t metal fans spell their favourite bands correctly?
We love metal. We love the internet. We love them more than some members of our own families. However, metal fans on the internet  sometimes do our collective head in. When they’re not mouthbreathing off about things “not being metal”, or mindlessly defending the get-your-tits-out-for-the-lads attitude of festival cameramen, or throwing around “gay” as an insult online, they’re spelling their favourite band names wrong. And we mean there’s an awful lot of fans, spelling an awful lot of band names wrong.
Read the full story here

black veil brides warped tour 2013 speakers thrash hits5) Bad Press: Black Veil Brides @ Warped Tour 2013
Bands having fake amps on stage as part of their rig is nothing new. Slayer do it, FFS. But if there’s one thing our YouTube channel views have taught us, it’s that people either love Black Veil Brides, or love bitching about Black Veil Brides, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to publish our barbed response to all the band’s idiot naysayers when news that BVB also use this practice came to light.
Read the full story here

ikea or death game thrash hits 20136) Ikea or Death?
What kind of biggest-news-stories-that-aren’t-unpleasant-and-about-crime would be complete without Ikea or Death? We got one question wrong because our knowledge of flat-pack furniture isn’t quite as on point as our knowledge of second wave black metal. That still bothers us.
Play the game here


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*We decided we weren’t going to include stories about Ian Watkins, Tim Lambesis, etc, in this rundown. There’s nothing new to add to the information that’s out there already, there’s no new comment we want to share about them, and do you really want to re-read all that stuff all over again?