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January 14th, 2014

Best of 2013: Top 6 Opinion


By pretty much any metric we care to think about, 2013 was a great year for Thrash Hits. If we look over the raw numbers, it was our most successful year ever, with more people reading the site, more people coming back to the site, and more people sticking around and actually reading our stuff than ever before. Seeing how every other website these days seems to be degenerating to nothing more than clickbait listicles with “You won’t believe…”-style headlines, we think that last point is of particular importance.

Before we really get our teeth into 2014, we thought we’d make our holiday slacking last another couple of days by looking back at the content from the last twelve months that helped make it our best ever year. First up: our top 6 opinion pieces.

1) Tits @ Download Festival 2013 by Tomas Doyle
Easily our most-read article of 2013, Tom Doyle’s assessment and analysis of both the crowd and camera operators at Download Festival on the issue of girls exposing their breasts for the whooping (or booing) masses struck nerves all over the place. We received hundreds of emails, tweets and messages from fans of both genders thanking us for bringing up an issue that they have felt uncomfortable about for years, but had not felt there was anyone talking about. We also got a handful of dullards moaning that we “didn’t get it”, not grasping the irony of their own moathbreather statements. As a result of this piece, Live Nation launched an internal investigation – the results of which we’ll be scrutinised when the festival returns to Donington later this year.
Read the full article here

2) Top 6: Ways Metal Treats Women Really Badly by Tom Dare
A few months before our piece on Download’s gender politics, on International Women’s Day Tom Dare wrote a piece on women in metal – but it was a long way away from the usual condescending “women in metal” pieces you’ll read elsewhere. Tom Dare might’ve left us to take up the job of commissioning editor at Terrorizer, but his missive on the disparity of equality in metal was still our second most-read opinion piece of the year.
Read the full article here

3) “I f*cking hate Blink 182.” – Reading & Leeds 2014 headliners don’t satisfy all by Tomas Doyle
More festival discussion – and this time it’s a barrage of bile aimed squarely at one of this year’s headliners of Reading & Leeds Festival. According to Tomas Doyle, Blink 182 were the band that left a giant skidmark over late 90s and early 00s punk rock – and he pulls no punches here detailing just how.
Read the full article here

4) Top 6… Reasons why Ronnie Radke is the greatest rockstar in the world today by Gavin Lloyd
Was Gavin Lloyd being 100% serious when he wrote this piece declaring Ronnie Radke, frontman with nu-nu-metal types Falling In Reverse as the greatest rockstar in the world today? Was he taking the piss? A lot of people couldn’t decide, which caused them all the have a crying fit about in on our Facebook page. Poor dears.
Read the full article here

5) SXSW 2013: The day Raz went to David Draiman’s house – by Raziq Rauf
Our Editor, Raziq Rauf, headed over to Texas back in March to watch a load of bands and eat a lot of BBQ meat. Those are two of his favourite things. Then David Draiman, frontman of Disturbed and Device, asked him over to his house to a) drink beer, b) eat even more BBQ meat, and c) listen to the new album from Device. Oh, and d) accidentally let slip some then-unreleased info on the Trivium album he had produced.
Read the full article here

6) Why does Ginger Wildheart care so much about Kerrang!? – by Raziq Rauf
The last of our picks of the most-read pieces of Thrash Hits opinion from 2013 is another piece by Raz, this time following the Twitter furore kicked up by David “Ginger” Walls after Kerrang! decided not to write about his latest release. He got a bit shirty with us then, because he thought our “tone” was off. C’MON.
Read the full article here


We’ll be posting some more Best Of 2013 pieces in the next few days, just to keep the edge off until 2014 stops feeling like a wretched hangover from the last twelve months of rock’n’roll idiocy.


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