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January 5th, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: The WHVN Podcast

Will Haven 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

As much as we like our role as a mouthy internet wordspout, we like it when bands we love put out podcasts of their members just shooting their mouths off at each other. It’s ultimately the purist way of hearing what really goes on inside bands – you get to hear the band talking with themselves without the filter of a journalist getting involved, and without bands putting themselves on their best behaviour because they’ve had some media training and a PR person is standing behind them to make sure they don’t say something terrible.

That’s why we’re enjoying Will Haven‘s new WHVN Podcast so much.

The podcast has only been running for a month (so far), so you’ve got time to catch up on all the episodes if you’re quick. If you want to hear some ridiculous stories (being attacked by ghosts, being slapped in the face by the band that beat up Danzig, how Today Is The Day dodge cops and get high while on tour, and why they dropped off the bill of Hevy Festival 2012), as well as news of the two new Will Haven releases due in 2014, get on these sharpish. Go here and subscribe now.

Voir Dire, the most recent album from Will Haven, is out now. You should buy it. Their as-yet-unnamed new EP and new album will be out later in 2014, on an as-yet-unnamed label. Exciting times!


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