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February 28th, 2014

Album: Weathered Hands – A Warm Life In The Cold

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Weathered Hands
A Warm Life In The Cold
In At The Deep End
10 March 2014

by Gavin Lloyd

Despite being a relatively young band Hereford’s Weathered Hands have already progressed a great deal. Starting life as a metalcore band, a line up change saw the band ditch their metal leanings to join the UKHC ranks. However after getting a bitter taste in their mouth from seeing primordial m0sh bros kicking twelve shades out of each other to their music the band has scaled up the melody, along with the emotion and intensity, leading to a natural climax on this release.

Weathered Hands A Warm Life In The Cold album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Although still possessing elements of their hardcore influences, the album succeeds where many have tried and failed, in being simply a great rock record. ‘Everything I Know’ and ‘Santa Muerte’ harness the perfect mix of angst and melody, popping with the same levels of excitement sparked by those early Funeral For A Friend EPs. ‘Riviera’ and ‘Black Light’ soar to uplifting heights providing the sort of fist clench moments a certain type of man normally gets from watching a WWE montage sound tracked by Creed.

Herein lies the greatest success of this record. As well as the band progressing themselves, they’ve released an album that is progressive in its own right. It will take you on a journey, taking various twists and turns while remaining cohesive as songs seamlessly flow into one another. Case in point being the delicate and introspective ‘Between Glass and Winter’ sitting side by side with the pacier punk rock fury of ‘Between The Vivarium’. It’s all harnessed perfectly by front man John James Davies’ enigmatic vocals and by the time you reach the giddy climax of ‘Monaco’ it takes a lot of willpower and lip biting to resist the urge to shout along to the song’s “I tried to spell my name, if only I knew it” refrain.

Progression is something all bands should be striving for, and for every band out there determined to evolve and make themselves the best band they could possibly be, there’s a band trying to decide which journalists it would be most beneficial to send a hilarious promotional dildo to. Weathered Hands have released a dazzling debut that delivers huge hooks without pandering to the confines of Radio 1-friendly rock. It packs in the intense levels of emotion you’d expect on a Touché Amoré or La Dispute album, but is more likely to make you go outside and embrace the warming glow of the morning sun than those aforementioned band’s tendency to make you stick your head in the warming glow of an oven.


Sounds Like: Brand New, Funeral For A Friend, Touché Amoré
Standout Tracks:  Everything I Know, Riveria, Monaco



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