Thrash Hits

February 23rd, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: Let’s listen to some Viking Metal now that we’ve survived Ragnarok

Amon Amarth by Gary Wolstenholme Thrash Hits

Didn’t you hear? We all just survived Ragnarok. The latest instalment in the long line of ancient-cultures-predicting-the-end-of-the-world trend passed everyone by on Saturday night, and at no point did Fenrir eat the world, or Odin get into an almighty ruck with the Midgard Serpent. Ho hum.

And what better way to celebrate this ridiculous non-event than by listening to a load of Viking Metal? EXACTLY.

We’ve been fairly liberal with our interpretation of what constitutes “Viking Metal” (let’s face it, it’s a spurious and somewhat ridiculous genre pigeonhole to begin with), but feel free to dispute our choices in the comments down below. Not that we’ll pay them a blind bit of notice, but still.

Spotify is available in the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and perhaps most importantly today in most of Scandinavia for free – though obviously you’re better off shelling out either £5 or £10 a month for one of Spotify’s premium packages, as then you can listen to our Slaylists without having them interrupted by adverts. For our readers in countries not currently serviced by Spotify….go drink some celebratory mead from your drinking horn and toast Odin. It’s what he would’ve wanted anyway,


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