Thrash Hits

February 2nd, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: Our fifth appearance on the Radio 1 Review Show

Thrash Hits Radio 1 Review Show 28 January 2014

We went on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show for the fifth time this week. Come and listen to what happened when our Deputy Editor, Hugh Platt, played Behemoth to Edith Bowman and Angel Haze.

There’s a whole load of other music played on the show, and a lot of chat about it, but thanks to our Mixcloud edit of the show below, you can skip to the bits about Behemoth right away, if you want. You should listen to the whole thing though, just to hear Hugh call Example a “load of old nonsense” that “sounds like the music you get playing on fairground rides”.

Despite the fact that our music pick was a million miles away from anything else that was played on the show, we reckon we’ll be back on the show again before the end of 2014 (well, we hope we will be, anyway). We think Edith and her team appreciate the fact that we bring in music that no-one outside of Daniel P Carter would dare touch at Radio 1.