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March 3rd, 2014

EP: Sisters Of… – Follow Me As A Ghost

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Sisters Of…
Follow Me As A Ghost
Crowquill Records
24 March 2013

by Ruth Booth

Ever dependent on the teller and the told, histories can be misleading. Sisters Of… is built around multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker, best known from associations with The Appleseed Cast, Blackpool Lights and Reggie and the Full Effect. It’s an interesting pedigree, and one that says near fuck all about the earthy slab of alt-metal that is their debut EP, Follow Me As A Ghost.

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Instead, we’re in the thick of darker post-rock territory, the thundering ‘In a Sea of Red Strands’ closer to ISIS than any of Coker’s previous partners. Like a grumpier Pelican, here Sisters Of… balance a mash of doomy riffs with moments of tremulous guitar and sweeping well-lit landscapes – but rather than deserts and vast vistas, it’s the light of forest clearings in the heady gloaming, and hidden things in November trees. ‘Sister Faith’ and ‘Sister Chance’ are both fraught with shrieks and wheezes and snatches of goblin voices in places. It’s the sound of local woods, of forgotten stories, and hand-me-down legends muddied by the memories of horror movies we saw at 12, that reawaken ghosts that were there before.

Yet it’s a more upbeat record than this implies, a strikingly hopeful one in places. The sunlit middle section of the title track, the driving intro of ‘Sister Chance’, the lush sliding chord progressions of ‘Circle/9’ – all speak of a brighter record than its lead off track suggests, and slivers of light between the bare trees.

Follow Me As A Ghost is a heady record, fables of places permanently in grey skies and fallen Autumn leaves. Yet, like a storyteller of the old school, you get the sense Coker is still keeping his cards close to his chest. In places the moves are just a little too easy to predict, the turns almost misleading for the finely crafted beauty that follows. Somewhere, there may be more to Sisters Of… that’s indicated on the surface.


Sounds Like: Goblin Children Stole My Blair Witch Project
Standout Tracks:In A Sea Of Red Strands‘, ‘Sister Chance‘, ‘Follow Me As A Ghost



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